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Advantages of coreless film compare to traditional stretch film

The DuniaROLL coreless stretch film, available in hand and machine film,is an innovative solution. It is capable of the same performances of the traditional cardboard core film, with many more advantages:

  • Savings of CONAI grant
  • Guarantee of quantity material
  • Less weight/more manageability
  • Minor disposal costs/major sustainability

Saving of CONAI grant

The CONAI grant is normally calculate on the total weight of the finished product. With the use of the coreless stretch film you can save several gram on the grant on both manual and mechanic film because the weight of the cardboard core is absent.

Guarantee of quantity material

In the traditional cardboard stretch film the product price can be alterated by the different weight of the inner core.
With the use of our coreless film you know you are paying just the the necessary material without the useless accessories.

Less weight / more manageability

The maneuverability of the coreless film is better on both hand and mechanic film, improving the logistic procedures.

Minor disposal cost/major sustainability

The film is entirely utilized without cardboard core waste. This makes the use coreless film more eco-friendly and more convenient to disposal.

film estensibile coreless DuniaROLL