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Dunia Pack Stretch Film

Product quality,competitive prices and costume-made equipment are few of the reason to choose Dunia Pack. Discover more...

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Advantages of coreless film

compare to traditional stretch film.

While you use our coreless film, instead of the traditional cardboard core stretch film,you can obtain the same performances at minor costs.
ou don't pay the cardboard weight and you use more material with the same convenience.

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As stretchable as you need

Do you need a custom-made product?

We have full control of our production chain and we invest in research and development of our production departments.

If you need a custom-made stretchable film, we may be able to create it for you.


The right product for you

Find out the best film to fit your needs.

Each different packing product had it own purpose.

In few clicks find out the perfect stretchable film for you

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